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Which essences shrink pores? Shrinking pores elite top 10 list

1: Di Lei condensate brightening essence 30ml

  Di Lei’s new whitening essence contains four patented ingredients (Tactical Ear Polysaccharide, Hydrolyzed Sodium Hyaluronate, Xylitol, Dehydrated Xylitol) and a moisturizing patent formula. It also contains Japanese honey extract. Peptide-1, hexapeptide-24, carnosine 5 and other whitening ingredients , skin feel silky watery, moisturizing and non-sticky, can continuously release whitening factor during sleep, set repair, whitening and moisturizing functions in one body, let the cells comprehensive Regeneration and repair, play a deep and lasting whitening effect, the skin reappears bright and white, more radiant. The price is very close to the people, 30ml is only more than one hundred, the price is very high, the whitening entry-level must test the essence!

2: Swiss honey poems focus whitening spot essence 15ml

 The synergy of the three formulas created by the breakthrough understanding of melanin formation helps to eliminate stubborn pigmentation, regulate melanin production, stimulate cell regeneration, protect skin from pollution, and brighten muscles to make the complexion uniform.

3: Avene full-effect active spring moisturizing essence 30ml

Apply daily to cleansing and lotion, apply a proper amount to the face and neck, and then apply a deep penetration moisturizing lotion.

4: Mizuo Ocean Moisturizing Serum 50ml

 High-concentration essence, deep into the muscles, open the skin hydration channel, revitalize the cells, leaving the skin fresh and moist.

5: Love magic mirror, lively and beautiful color beauty liquid 30ml

 It contains special effect plant activating factor, which can quickly reduce the premature aging phenomenon such as rough, fine lines and coarse hair control. With superb, rapid and remarkable skin rejuvenation performance, it can fully promote the skin’s return to the skin. When it is young, it will be evenly peeled, smooth and silky, firm and full of elasticity.

beautiful faces

6: Higginaw Ginkgo Whitening Moisturizing Serum 30ml

 It contains a soft whitening formula of natural plant extracts such as ginkgo, licorice, and bitter gourd. Containing natural plant extracts such as ginkgo, licorice, bitter gourd and other soft and white formulas of proteases, a variety of active ingredients effectively penetrate into the bottom layer of the skin, soothing and repairing damaged skin, promoting cell metabolism and microcirculation, helping to lighten the formation of melanin Improve uneven skin tone; replenish moisture for a long time, rebuild water and oil balance system, make skin more white and tender, and shine healthy and radiant.

7: Aveda Brightening Beauty Essence 30ml

 Brightening and whitening skin essence, high concentration of refined skin extract, effectively reducing the formation of dark spots. Improves skin clarity and even skin tone

8: Ai Mita Organic Red Wine Firming Face Essence 30ml

 Inheriting the unique drinking culture of Greece, Hippocrates, the father of Greek medicine, discovered the benefits of red wine to the body. Since ancient times, red wine has been used in the treatment of diseases. According to medical reports, red wine not only promotes circulation, enhances metabolism, but also improves cardiovascular and other related problems. Red wine polyphenols provide powerful anti-oxidant effects, firming anti-wrinkle and maintaining the original moisturizing elasticity of the skin.

9: Mary Jiaer Caviar Repair Essence 6ml*2

 In addition to daily basic care, a deep repair can not be ignored. The 28-day revitalizing treatment of caviar essence with a high concentration of caviar essence and red algae essence is definitely a tonic for youthful skin. In addition to the rich and precious caviar essence, it also combines the highly moisturizing carrageenan extract to greatly enhance the skin’s water storage capacity, especially suitable for dry skin of the season. A caviar essence with a variety of precious skincare ingredients, it can be used as a tonic for postpartum, self-cultivation or tired skin due to stress.

10: Bai Bai white focus 30ml

 The whitening focus is soft, softens the keratin, opens the whitening channel, hydrates and smoothes the water circulation, moisturizes the white, bright, strengthens the microcirculation, brightens the skin, reveals the whiteness, interrupts the melanin source, rejects dullness and sputum, texture, let people Can not help but touch the delicate skin.

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