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What to eat can shrink pores to prevent 5 kinds of nutrients?

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Vitamin B6

 It is an indispensable substance in the process of fat metabolism, which can help regulate sebum secretion, and lack of seborrheic dermatitis on both sides of the eyes and nose. The food sources of vitamin B6 mainly include bovine liver, soybeans, carrots, walnuts, pig liver, whole wheat flour, and peanuts.

Vitamin B2

 It is a component of many enzymes in the body, which can maintain the normal function of the skin. Lack of skin ulcers, dry and itchy skin, seborrheic dermatitis, etc. The food sources of vitamin B2 are goat liver, beef liver, pig liver, beef kidney, pig kidney, Scutellaria, river crab, sea crab, pig heart, soybean meal and so on.

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Vitamin C

 Is an excellent anti-oxidation agent, can prevent skin aging, promote tissue regeneration, and inhibit the deposition of pigment cells, melanoma excreted excess, in order to avoid its buildup in the pores. Foods rich in vitamin C include fresh green leafy vegetables and fruits such as canola, cabbage, cabbage, tomatoes, lemon, citrus, strawberries, and kiwi.


 It is the first element to maintain skin elasticity and prevent skin slack. It can effectively delay skin aging and avoid loose pores. Including collagen-rich foods are trotters, tendons, chicken wings, pork skin, skin, cartilage and so on. The highest absorption rate of collagen in fish.

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