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What to do with effective fat loss?


 Compared to running, riding will consume more energy! If you keep riding at a faster speed, you can even consume 800 calories in an hour! Because of the fast speed, you can not only use it as a daily commute. It can also be used as a weekend sports program. It is also a very enjoyable experience to leave the city in one morning and embrace nature once.


Cycling can almost eliminate the loss of the knee. However, if the knee itself is not very good, then riding will make things worse. So if your knees are not very good, it is not recommended to use cycling.


This is almost the way everyone chooses to lose fat because running is a very simple thing. You only need a pair of running shoes and good air quality. Anytime, anywhere, you can go running when you want to run.  The fat-burning efficiency of about 600 calories per hour is still very cost-effective. You should know that the normal basal metabolism of a normal adult man is only about 2,000 calories per day, and one hour consumes one-third of the energy in one hour. How is it economical?  However, the number of people used is not necessarily the best. If you don’t run in the correct or the running posture and intensity that is most suitable for your training style, it is likely to accelerate the imbalance of the leg muscles, which will bring more problems!


 Use running as the basic training unit for fat loss, but don’t rely solely on running. Moreover, it is very important to learn the correct running posture. If you don’t run, it is better not to run!

Spinning bike

There are many different places for spinning and cycling, which is why we see spinning as a training program. Unlike riding, due to traffic restrictions, many times you can’t control your own speed. But spinning is a training program that can control strength and speed at will.  Moreover, spinning is an extremely interesting way to reduce fat, colorful neon, rhythmic music, and everyone in the bicycle room has taken out 100% of their power. You will be infected by the environment, that is, you will consume 600 calories in 45 minutes, and you will not feel that this process is very difficult.


 With the riding, the loss of the knee will be greater due to the standing riding of the spinning bike. Therefore, if you have a bad knee, don’t ride.


 Swimming is a very effective weight loss exercise, whether it is a frog, freestyle, etc. Especially for people who are pregnant, obese, musculoskeletal, etc., they are very suitable. It can burn 600~700 calories in one hour, and the fat-burning efficiency can’t lose running.


 But swimming is not a very simple thing. For beginners, swimming at a slow speed does not achieve the effect of burning fat. And if you want to change the intensity freely in the water. You need to take a while to fully master the advanced strokes.

Lifting iron

 Yes, lifting iron is also a very energy-consuming thing. It doesn’t look much if it is 200-400 kcal an hour. But lifting iron can help your muscles grow, especially in the case of iron and aerobic combination, you can also increase the basal metabolic rate!


 Combine lifting iron and aerobics. First 40 minutes of strength training, then find an aerobic project to complete. Double your fat loss effect!

Elliptical machine

 Now go to any gym with more aerobic equipment, you will find that the proportion of elliptical machines will be larger. The reason is very simple. Oxygen on the elliptical machine is very popular with everyone! Because the elliptical machine is not just a kind of sports lower body training, if your upper limbs participate enough, it can effectively reduce the stimulation of the lower limbs. In exchange for two very good results: weight loss is not thick legs & exercise does not hurt the knee.


However, the fat-burning efficiency of the elliptical machine is not very high, about 500 calories per hour. But if you want to lose weight while losing weight, the elliptical machine is a must-have project.

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