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Two small tricks to effectively shrink pores used to say good!

1: Ice cubes, towels DIY coup

 Wrap the ice cubes in a towel. Depending on the size of the ice pack, pack the appropriate amount of ice in the towel and tighten the towel. Apply to face for at least one minute. Everyone’s skin has a different tolerance. But it must be kept for one minute to see the function of ice.

 Supplement: In spite of the pores that have been chilled, it is necessary to use astringent water after washing your face. This will make the large pores really shrink effectively.

2: Green tea water DIY coup

 The tea that has been soaked for a morning becomes light and tasteless. Don’t throw it away. The acidity of green tea is not only effective in sterilization, but also a refreshing touch. The green foam after the opening stands cool, the first time such as the selection result of the brewed green tea water tap better face cheek. And after cleaning with a finger, dipped tea pat area large pores, the pores can effectively tightening.

 Supplement: If you have the condition “luxury”, you can first brew green tea in the washbasin. After cooling, wash your face with green tea water, and the effect of tightening pores is more vivid.

3: Mixed vegetable juice DIY coup

 At night, fruits and vegetables are firmed with cheap raw materials, and homemade effective firming products can not only save money but also let you experience the fun and accomplishment of DIY. It is really good. Celery, rapeseed, lemon, orange, juicer, medicinal gauze DIY coup: Cut the above 4 kinds of fruits and vegetables into a distillate into the juicer. Then wrap the squeezed fruit and vegetable residue with gauze and gently rub the pores. The part can not only gently exfoliate, but also has the magical function of converging pores.

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