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The trick of daily pore contraction

The pores are almost the skin test that every girl will face. It is different from acne. When the time comes, the acne will fade away, but the pores will only grow larger as time goes by. When I look far away, I am still a delicate little fairy. When I walk into it, I will be scared by the pitted skin. Moreover, the pores will become a “good place” for hiding dirt, and the oil that cannot be removed will hide inside and gradually form a blackhead.

 One of the main causes of enlarged pores is excessive secretion of oil from the skin. Therefore, oily skin becomes a hard-hit area with large pores, which is why oily skin girls look older than their peers. In addition, as the age gradually increases, after the age of 25, the skin will slowly lose moisture, become slack and dry, and the pores will become larger and larger.

So in daily skincare, how do the little fairies maintain the pores of the skin? I believe that everyone has their own “skincare book” in mind, but there are definitely some girls who can’t figure it out, so I recommend several for you today. The trick to shrink pores.

1: Lemonade cleansing

 Lemon can not only be used but also can be used to wash your face! Soaking water with lemon can whiten the effect. Mixing lemon juice and water can reduce the pores. Is it amazing? Try it quickly? But be careful, don’t apply lemon juice directly to your face. Lemon juice is more irritating and has serious damage to the skin. It must be mixed with water before it can be applied to the face.

2: Ice cream face

 Applying ice to the face not only reduces the pores but also increases the skin’s resistance and delays skin aging. But pay attention to the method of applying the face. The time for the ice to stick on the face should not be too long. It takes about 30 seconds to take it off and let the skin rest. Otherwise, it will cause irritation to the skin and damage the skin tissue.

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