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Shrink pores, laser or water light needle which is the first choice!

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Resulting in large pores reasons

 Gross pores are mainly related to abnormal skin keratin metabolism. The most common causes are three: excessive oil, natural skin aging, and improper skin care.

 (1) The oil is too strong: the excessive secretion of oil cannot be metabolized in time, which will cause the oil to accumulate in the hair follicle, swell the pores, and the pores will gradually become thicker. This condition usually occurs during adolescence, often accompanied by acne and acne.

 (2) Natural aging of the skin: aging and shrinkage of the skin tissue can cause the pores to become coarse. At a certain age, the skin collagen begins to loosen, which is not enough to support the surrounding pores, making the pores appear elliptical. Therefore, the pores are usually the most easily seen in some dynamic lines such as crow’s feet, mouth lines, and striated lines.

 (3) Improper skin care: usually use greasy skincare products or excessive use of foundation to block pores, resulting in large pores. Most of this coarseness occur on skin that is often used for makeup and rarely for deep cleansing.

 In addition, when the skin is dry and lacks water, the pores will be more obvious, and abnormal keratinization of the hair follicles and sebaceous glands will also make the pores rough.

With regard to shrinking pores, there are a variety of “prescriptions” on the web, such as cold compresses and ice packs, white vinegar care, “staining” skin with fine salt or brown sugar, etc. These “prescriptions” seem to be very good at first glance. The reason, but the actual operation can not only play the role of shrinking pores but also accidentally hurt the skin. Studies have shown that in order to achieve the purpose of shrinking pores, skincare products, and cleaning and maintenance alone are far from achieving the desired results. Only by relying on photoelectric therapy can they be effectively improved. Currently, the market is highly regarded as a non-laser treatment method. Needle-free water is none other than.

1: Laser treatment

 The laser is treated with “light” and is a non-invasive treatment technology. The laser shrinks the pores by the laser to emit strong pulsed light for the pigment and the diseased tissue. After the light waves are selectively absorbed, the pigment or the diseased tissue is dissolved and instantly ruptured, and gradually decomposes and detaches with the metabolism. At the same time, it can also stimulate the regeneration of collagen fibers, the reorganization of elastic fibers, and the absorption of energy by hemoglobin to thicken and shrink the capillary wall, thereby achieving the effect of shrinking pores.

 In general, laser treatment needs to be carried out according to the course of treatment, so that the cumulative effect can be delayed and improved, and the effect of shrinking pores, firming the skin, removing fine wrinkles and increasing skin gloss can be achieved.

2: Needle-free water

 The well-known effect of needle-free water is a powerful hydrating effect, and in fact, it has a significant effect on improving oily skin and enlarged pores. Needle-free water is a high-end injection product such as hyaluronic acid, collagen, botulinum toxin, and PRP autologous cells that are infused into the human dermis by negative pressure needles so that the skin absorbs and stores 1000 times of its own weight. Awaken cell regeneration function, reproduce the cells that repair the skin withered and ruptured, thus achieving the effect of efficiently hydrating and shrinking pores.

 Note: Some people will find that the skin becomes drier after the water-light injection. This is a normal phenomenon, because the channel of the skin is opened after the water-light injection, temporarily destroying the barrier function of the skin, medically known as “percutaneous” Loss of water, that is, the water-light injection opens the passage of the whole face skin, the skin loses some water through these channels, and becomes drier in the short term, but when the skin barrier function is restored, the dry condition will also follow The disappearance, so when this phenomenon occurs, consumers do not have to worry, continue to do the hydration work according to normal conditions.

 Since both laser treatment and hydro-injection can shrink pores, which one is the treatment of choice? Look at the table.

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Laser treatment of water injection

Micro-exfoliation lattice laser stripping lattice laser

 Technical micro-peeling stripping vacuum negative pressure

 The effect of the advantage is obvious, the treatment process does not produce an uncomfortable reaction. After the knot is shed, the skin improvement effect is obviously super-effect hydrating, and at the same time, the pores are reduced and the skin is fine-grained.

 Disadvantages of 2 to 3 days of scarring and shedding loss recovery period require about 7 days of skin recovery period to make the crusting fall off, after surgery, some people will feel dry skin after sunscreen

 For the crowd pores, sagging skin of old skin bright early aging wrinkles, sagging, large pores problem mature skin dry, dehydrated skin, large pores, fine lines crowd

 The effect is to reduce the pores, and at the same time, it can improve skin problems such as hemorrhoids and pigmentation, and the effect of reducing pores is very obvious. At the same time, it can improve the skin lesions and skin aging, which can effectively reduce the pores, and the skin becomes smooth, smooth and smooth, and has an obvious improvement for fine wrinkles. effect

 By contrast, laser treatment and water-light injection have certain effects on shrinking pores, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. In contrast, the therapeutic effect of the laser will be more obvious, but it will lead to scarring; The treatment can achieve perfect results, and will not scarring after surgery, and will not affect daily life.

 For the shrinking pores, who is the first choice and there is no uniform standard, consumers can analyze the specific situation according to the specific situation. However, the summer weather is hot, and the follow-up maintenance of laser treatment is more and more. The maintenance of needle-free water is relatively simple. It is recommended to use needle-free water for treatment.

NEO needleless water

 NEO needle-free water light with vitamin C brightening skin rejuvenating water, original liquid hyaluronic acid moisturizing water photoactive liquid, active peptide gelation anti-aging water photopolymer hyaluronic acid as the main component, with a variety of nutrient solution fixed point, positioning, set Layer, quantitative injection into the human dermis, establish a nutrition warehouse, quickly reverse the premature aging of diseased functional cells, reduce the large pores, achieve whitening , skin rejuvenation, moisturizing effect, restore elasticity and tenderness. Project Benefits

First, non-surgical treatment, non-invasive, painless, no trace

 The needle-free water project is the most professional water and skin rejuvenation project in the domestic beauty market. It achieves the skin-free hydration and anti-aging effect while the treatment process is non-invasive and painless, with no bleeding or redness.

Second, high-end nutrients are non-toxic, no side effects, safe and beautiful

 With professional-grade hyaluronic acid, collagen, botulinum toxin and PRP font cells and other diversified nutrients, the effect is excellent, no rejection reaction to the human body, no side effects, safe and effective.

Third, a multi-effect, lifting and tightening hydrating and finishing

 The course of treatment can continue to stimulate the cells to produce collagen fibers, promote the absorption of nutrients, not only can wrinkle firming, no trace of acne, but also to improve the skin dull rough skin supple and elastic recovery.

Fourth, fast and convenient, does not affect daily life

 No need for long treatment time, general facial treatment only takes about 35 minutes, no need for massage and special treatment after surgery, lifting and tightening hydrating and brightening skin can be done in one step, that is, do go, no hospitalization, no effect on normal Work and life.

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