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Is the pore shrinking water useful? Be wary of the five common misunderstandings of shrinking pores?

Reasons for temporary pores :

 Mainly because of excessive skin water shortage, the pores will be in a circular state, and the dry part of the cheek is most obvious. As long as you pay more attention to the deep hydration, you can quickly alleviate the problem of large pores.

 Large pores are a very common skin problem. Are you also trying to shrink your pores? In fact, every woman has this kind of trouble, no matter what kind of skin you are, the pores will find you. If you don’t handle it properly, your skin may be out of control.

 Convergence pores misunderstanding 1: pores are enlarged by dirt and excessively cleaned

 If the cleaning is not proper, the metabolism is not smooth, the aging dead skin can not fall off as scheduled, and the dead skin will be blocked in the pores, which will cause the pores to expand. However, if the cleaning is too hard, the skin is seriously dehydrated, tight and dry, and dry and peeling. On the contrary, it is easy for our skin to have abnormal or keratin metabolism, and it is too late to make the pores bigger and bigger.

Convergence pores misunderstanding 2: like to wash your face with ice water

 Many MMs like to rinse their face with ice water to achieve the effect of tightening pores. However, ice water is difficult to dissolve dirt, it is difficult to wash off the cleansing products on the skin, and it is easy to cause pore blockage. Moreover, although the low temperature shrinks the pores, it also reduces the skin’s ability to absorb nutrients, resulting in the skin not being able to get adequate hydration and nourishment. Over time, it appears dry and slack, and the pores are even larger.

Convergence pores misunderstanding three: belief in the convergence of pores in an instant

 The astringent water that can instantly shrink pores mostly contains alcohol, that is, the cooling effect of alcohol and the effect of coagulating keratin, thereby achieving the effect of tightening pores. Although the effect of shrinking pores is obvious, it will soon return to its original state, so it is impossible to substantially improve the problem of enlarged pores.

Homemade shrink pore mask :

 The olive oil egg shrinks the pores: first, the lemon is juiced with a juicer, and then the eggs are broken up. Add lemon juice and a small amount of coarse salt to the egg and mix well. Finally, add the olive oil to the egg juice, mix well and mix well.

 Because olive oil has the effect of increasing skin vitality and elasticity so that the skin is refreshing and lubricating. This mask can be stored in the refrigerator on weekdays, and it can be done once or twice a week to improve the pores and promote the smoothness and fineness of the skin.

Convergence pores misunderstanding four: pores coarsely remove keratin

 Some MMs look at the big pores and they are eager to exfoliate. This not only does not effectively shrink the pores but also exacerbates the expansion of the pores.

 If your pores are cuticle accumulation caused blackheads acne will cause large pores stretch, then scrub really works. But if you go to the horny before you go to Sanqi 21, you have to be careful. If your pores are caused by dirt blockage or aging, exfoliation does not remove dirt and firm skin , but it will reduce skin moisture retention, accelerate the shrinkage of pore cells, and exacerbate large pores.

 Skincare tips: Use astringent water containing vitamin A acid to correct abnormal keratinization of hair follicles and sebaceous glands to truly shrink pores. However, vitamin A acid is irritating and has too many side effects. The dosage and frequency should be strictly controlled to avoid sensitive and burned skin.

Convergence pores misunderstanding five: see acne, like to squeeze acne

 How to do a smooth skin with a pimple, squeeze it out first! This is a big mistake. In the process of squeezing acne, the connective tissue of the pores around the acne is compressed and deformed. Although the acne is squeezed out, it is difficult to restore elasticity and support.

 And although the acne is squeezed out, the pores around the acne are hard to recover and tighten. In a few days, the grease and dirt are more likely to accumulate in the pores of the “big open door”, which is why it is easier to repeat the original position after squeezing the acne. The cause of acne.

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