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Is it possible to reduce fat and increase muscle at the same time?

It can be said that muscle growth and fat reduction are endless topics in the fitness industry. As an ordinary person, who does not want to be optimistic about the attractive figure? As an ordinary person, the ideal figure is a little more muscle, a little lower fat, so It is a perfect figure, but it is difficult for us to catch up with such a figure because many people don’t understand it. Today, we must watch this sport. To watch the sport tomorrow, there is no effect. After training, the body is still the same. So fitness still needs to be done step by step!

 If you want to maintain your muscle mass as much as possible while consuming more body fat, in order to allow muscle growth and weight loss at the same time, in fact, it is theoretically not feasible, because the two concepts are opposite, muscle The growth is to eat more and do anaerobic exercise.

 So basically it doesn’t exist at the same time, but it can actually be operated, but it will affect the growth rate of muscles and the reduction of fat, so it is not what we think can’t be done at the same time! But we should pay attention to some aspects, otherwise, the two can not be performed at the same time.

Pay attention to anaerobic training and try to do less aerobic exercise. Many people think that only aerobic exercise can reduce fat. In fact, as long as exercise can lose weight, why do you say this? Because we use energy for exercise, whether it is aerobic exercise or anaerobic exercise, we need to consume glycogen, and glycogen It is the fat of the future, so we use it to make it impossible to turn into fat, so it is equivalent to we are losing weight.

 When we look at muscle production, we need a lot of stimulation. We do a lot of anaerobic training to stimulate muscle growth. We add a certain amount of protein to promote muscle synthesis, so we can increase muscle! But a small amount of carbon water or you will Growing meat is just to replenish energy to meet our own normal consumption.

 Many people will say that adding so much protein will make us fat. Of course not, because protein and carbohydrates, sugar and other foods are different, it can not be directly converted into fat, even if the excess will be broken out of our body, so we don’t have to worry, we need to lose protein when we need protein So we can be faster!

 Slowly, step by step, because we are increasing muscles and reducing fat, it is necessary to take both into consideration. We cannot say that we only increase muscles and not reduce fat. Otherwise, it is really futile, so we still We must do our fitness training program. My advice is to do anaerobic training every day and then do aerobic training so that we can not only increase muscle mass, but also consume some fat, but the aerobic time should not exceed 30 minutes.

 We can’t just focus on our weight, but we should pay more attention to changes in muscle mass. When muscle tissue occurs, our fat is inhibited and eventually, we can naturally lose weight. After all, muscles are fat stars, and one side of power disappears, so if we can increase muscle mass, we will succeed. In most cases, we should pay more attention to changes in muscle mass.

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