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How to shrink the pores of the nose?

Less makeup

 Many times, girls are used to covering up their pores with makeup, but in fact, the oil contained in cosmetics can cause pores to clog, and the skin can’t normally “breath”. The problem of enlarged pores will be more serious, so the girl with large pores should try to Less makeup, don’t make the situation worse, if you really need to change it, it is better to have a refreshing isolation base, which is a powerful way to solve the problem of large nose pores.

High-temperature hot compress

 If the skin is clean and in place, there is hot air volatilization, and the naturally opened pores will actively push the blackhead outward. At this time, the blackhead can be squeezed out by gently pressing the round head of the acne needle. Please note that if you do not come out after three or four, it will prove that the blackhead is still in the growth stage. If you squeeze it, it will easily hurt the dermis layer and may leave scars, so don’t squeeze it at this time. Also, immediately after squeezing the blackheads, apply shrinkage water to help the pores return to normal.

Thorough cleaning

 What should I do if the nose is thick? The girl who has made up the makeup has to do a good job of removing makeup. Don’t let the cosmetics remain on the face. There is also a need to do cleansing work, cleaning must be in place, gently massage on the face with a circular massage to clean, pay attention to the cleaning time on the face is not too long, about 1 minute, after a thorough rinse, Otherwise, it will hurt the skin. The sister of oily, combination skin is recommended to choose a gel-like cleansing product.

Do a good job of convergence and oil control

 After cleansing, pour astringent lotion onto the cotton pad and apply it to a large pore. Apply it for about 3 minutes to tighten the pores. Doing sun protection work.

 Sunscreen is actually very important. If the skin ages without aging, the skin will age and the pores will be loose. It is recommended that you choose MM to help shrink pores and increase collagen skincare products.


 The more old keratin accumulation in metabolism, the rougher the skin, the larger the pores, and the lack of moisture and nutrients in the skin, so regular exfoliation is also a key step in solving the pore problem, so it is recommended to give the skin 1 to 2 weeks. A horny horn is a great way to solve the problem of large pores in the nose.

Remove blackheads with oil melt

 Step1: Apply a proper amount of massage oil to the face with your hands and face dry.

 Step2: Fumigation with a hot towel or hot water for 3 minutes to allow the pores to fully open.

 Step3: Drop the massage oil on the fingertips and use a circular motion on the blackheads for about 10 minutes.

 Step4: with a paper towel or cotton to wipe the excess oil, and then facial clear cleansing portion.

 Step5: beat kick Toner after, then apply a can shrink pores of the mask can thoroughly clean the pores get rid of blackheads!

Use your mouth to control your mouth

 Fried foods or foods with too much sugar can cause sebum secretion to cause irritation, so beauty must control your mouth, eat properly, eat less spicy, fried or over-sweet food. Drink plenty of water and eat more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins, but also reduce the secretion of oil!

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