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How to shrink facial pores? Four steps can be done.

The correct method of washing face

 When you wash your face, you need to master the correct method, that is, wash your face with warm water first, then wash it alternately with cold water. The pores of this cleaning method will shrink, and you can do a face-lifting exercise when you wash your face.

Pay attention to facial care

 Everyone in peacetime should pay attention to skincare, if you use a separate toner effect is not obvious, you can go to the supermarket to buy a special tight shrink pores firming water out of time need to make sun protection measures, BB cream is commonly used, but It can’t be rubbed too much, because it contains a foundation, and if it rubs more, it will be fake, and the right amount will do.

The right makeup method

 Habit makeup remover women need special attention when also using the correct way, but we do not make good makeup, remnants of cosmetics will accumulate in the underlying skin, and finally piled more, it is prone to large pores such problems. Now there are special make-up products for sale, you can buy a set of special makeup remover.

Healthy living habits

 In addition, everyone has to develop good habits. Only in this way can our skin be healthy. I hope everyone can drink plenty of water and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. They also insist on exercise and sleep on time, because sleeping skin is also repaired.

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