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How to lose belly fat In forty-five days?

The pad movement 123 exercises the upper abdomen and the lower abdomen respectively, and the purpose of consuming fat by strengthening the activities of these parts. During the training process, by local exertion, exercise fat and even decomposition. After a long period of training, the fat is converted into muscle. The muscle itself needs energy, so the more developed the muscle, the less likely it is to accumulate fat. The ultimate goal of training is to create such a virtuous circle, maintaining a flat and powerful lower abdomen.

 This series of pad movements was performed after 30 minutes of full-body exercise. Since fat is consumed after 30 minutes of exercise, the best way to eliminate localized fat is to perform localized training after full-body exercise. Especially in the abdomen, only this kind of targeted training can effectively eliminate the accumulated fat.

Operational steps

Step 1: Body bending

 Lying flat on the mat, hands naturally placed on the sides of the body. The legs are raised, the thighs are at a 90-degree angle to the horizon and the calves and thighs. Use the power of the lower abdomen and thighs to lower the legs and then hang them. Do not touch the ground when the legs are lowered. One leg is lowered and hanged for one 8 beats, and each time 8 8 beats.

Step 2: Sit-ups

 Lying on the pad, put your hands behind your head and open your flat face with your elbows. Side by side, 4 shots are lifted up, 4 shots are put down. Pay attention to the left and right sides of the waist, and the elbows are level with the head.

Step 3: Leaning over the elbow

 With your face down, bend your hands over your chest and support your elbows and toes. Use the abdominal force to hold the body up and hold it for 10 seconds to 20 seconds. Repeat the action multiple times.

Clam meat


 Abdominal muscle training machine: put your hand on the bracket, cooperate with your breathing, and do the bending forward. The strength of the bracket can be adjusted, and the strength is determined according to individual circumstances, and the bracket is pressed down with the strength of bending. Do more than 30 times in each group, take a break and continue. Within the scope of capabilities, the more you do, the better.

 Abdominal training board: sit in the ingot-type sit-ups. Lying flat on the training board, legs are raised and stacked. Hold your head with both hands. Lift your upper body and try to touch your knees with your elbows. Do more than 20 times in each group.

Family practice

 Upright swivel: Upright, feet open slightly wider than the shoulders. Use your hands to lie across the shoulders and twist the upper limbs. During the process of doing so, keep your hips still and focus on the strength of the waist. Turn left and right, respectively, at least 20 times a day.

Experience: The firmness after aching is full of sense of accomplishment

 When the body is made to make 4 8 shots, the fat in the lower abdomen sends a sore signal, and the muscles in the thigh are also tight. Wait for 8 to 8 shots, your legs are crumbling. The moment the legs were put down, it was like going back to the ground.

 Sit-ups are the most torturous. Every time I tried to lift my upper limbs, my upper abdomen and waist felt tight, very sour, and when the upper limbs returned to the mat, the lap of meat was relaxed. Thus, in the alternation of constant tightening and relaxation, there was a series of painful attacks on the abdomen. Gradually began to breathe, and his face rose red, I can’t wait to have a rope to hang myself, no need to push up.

 I thought that the elbow support was a static training and it should be very simple. But staying there, the butt is not upright or collapsed below, the coaches all failed. Finally, the standard was supported for 10 seconds, the whole body began to faint, and the arm was a little trembling.

 A set of down, the belly of the mass of meat hurt to the next day, almost dare not laugh (a smile will affect the sour belly). But when I touched it, those fleshy meats that seemed to be loose seemed to be tighter. I don’t know if it is a psychological effect. But I believe, insist, as long as you insist, you can definitely eliminate the meat.

 The abdomen is the most vulnerable part of the body. The fat here is close to the heart, and it is most likely to be mobilized into the blood circulation and cause harm. It is a veritable “heart”. Therefore, when the abdominal circumference is above 90-100 cm or the ratio of the abdominal circumference to the arm circumference is greater than 0.9, and the female is greater than 0.85, the fat in the abdomen is indispensable.

 How can I reduce excess fat in the abdomen faster and make it appear flat?

 First, warm up the activity for 10 minutes, until the body is slightly sweaty, then use the plastic wrap to bind the abdomen 5-6 layers.

 Second, the supine position to do abdominal muscle exercise.

 Practice on the umbilical: The lower body is fixed and sit-up, aiming to make the convex part of the stomach tighten.

 Under the umbilical practice: the upper body is fixed, the feet are lifted up to do the flexion and extension of the legs and the head lifting exercises, the purpose is to tighten and reduce the entire lower abdomen.

 Abdominal external oblique exercises: After completing the upper and lower abdominal exercises, do a variety of waist turning exercises. This kind of exercise is used as an auxiliary exercise to make the weight loss effect of the upper and lower abdomen exercises more obvious.

 Third, knead the abdomen, “too catch” fat. There is a saying: “Seven-point exercise, three-point kneading.” If you want to remove fat from the abdomen as soon as possible, then after abdominal exercise, then do ring presses clockwise and counterclockwise for 100 times each time, “too catch” fat, promote fat metabolism.

 The above method is done for 30 minutes each time, 3-4 times a week, and insisting on 45 days must have a significant effect.

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