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How to effectively shrink pores? Smart women do this?

Using astringent water

 Toners still have a lot of effects, such as moisturizing, astringent pores, etc., but there are also some slightly cleansing effects. If you have large pores, choose a toner with a shrinking ingredient, loofah water, etc., which can clean the pores while cleaning. But after all, toners contain more or less alcohol, so it is not recommended to use alcohol-based toner for a long time, especially sensitive fragile muscles are not recommended.

Oil control + hydration

 The work of controlling oil on weekdays is also part of shrinking pores. Because oil secretion and dirt are easy to clog pores, it should be cleaned with a mild facial cleanser, and then selected according to the skin type of the individual, especially the stickers. The hydrating mask is suitable for all skin types in skincare, and the effect of hydrating is also obvious.

Good sunscreen

 How much do you know about the importance of sunscreen? Applying sunscreen is not only to prevent sunburn or sunburn but more importantly to prevent pores from becoming thicker. Because the ultraviolet rays are strong outside the door, the skin is more aging, which makes the pores more serious. Therefore, in order to avoid large pores, sister paper must always do a good job of sun protection, to avoid UV damage to the skin.

Supplement collagen

 As we age, our skin will slowly relax, and the pores will become thicker under the conditions of insufficient nutrients. At this time, it is very important to use some collagen skincare products. Usually, you can use some anti-aging or pore-reducing essence skincare. The most special point is to pay attention to the two most obvious parts of the cheek.

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