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How much is a small bubble beauty?

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In a formal beauty salon, a small bubble is usually about 500 yuan. Of course, the price of beauty salons of different sizes in different places is definitely different. The cheap ones are also two or three hundred yuan, and the expensive ones are one thousand yuan once. Friends can choose according to their own requirements.

Can small bubbles be done often?

 It is okay to make small bubbles according to the normal frequency. If you do it frequently, you may damage the skin. Among them, for oily skin, the number of small bubbles can be increased, while women with oily skin and dry skin should do less.

 Small bubble cleaning can remove blackheads and deep cleansing skin. The general cleaning effect can only last for about 1 month. After that, the sebaceous glands secrete excess oil. After the hair follicles are exposed to air oxidation, it is easy to form blackheads. At this time, we need to do small bubble cleaning again.

Oily skin can be used once every 15-21 days

 Oily skin to do small bubbles deep cleansing skin project is recommended to be done once in half a month for three weeks, especially the oil is more, usually, do not pay attention to sunscreen and correct face washing will lead to more oil, more need to do small bubbles Deep cleansing of the skin.

Dry skin once a month

 Dry skin itself is relatively dry, and it is also unbalanced with water, oil, water, and oil. This kind of skin does not need to be a small bubble deep clean skin project too often, usually, once a month is enough.

Sensitive skin once every 45 days

 Sensitive skin or younger sisters who are sensitive to normal skin, do a small bubble deep cleansing skin can choose 45 days, because for sensitive skin, protecting the skin barrier is a serious matter.

What to pay attention to when making small bubbles

1: Pay attention to hydration and UV protection after cleaning small bubbles.

 As the small bubbles clean, the skin becomes drier and sensitive symptoms may appear. Therefore, pay attention to hydration and UV protection after cleaning small bubbles.

2: Avoid cleaning after cleaning small bubbles

 After the small bubble cleaning treatment is done, the younger sisters need to pay attention to avoid makeup in the short term, because the small bubble cleaning itself removes the dirty things that our usual make-up does not remove when it is clean and clogged in the pores. And if small bubbles immediately clean finish make-up, it was clean pores will soon be filled with silty makeup products. Therefore, in order to ensure the cleansing effect and the health of the skin, we should pay attention to avoiding makeup.

3: Small bubbles clean taboo crowd

  1. Do not operate on damaged skin. Customers with acute skin allergies and wounds on the skin are not recommended to make small bubbles, which may cause skin irritation.
  2. can not do with infectious skin problems, it is easy to increase the stimulation of the skin.
  3. Patients with heart disease, epilepsy, and tumors should not make small bubbles, and there are potential hidden dangers.
  4. Do not do filling, plastic minimally invasive surgery, may affect the filling.
  5. People with metal stents in the body can’t do it, and it may affect the treatment effect.
  6. For the safety of mothers and babies, pregnant women are not recommended.
  7. people with hormone dermatitis are careful to avoid irritation.

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