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How much does it do to shrink pores?

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First, how much does it do to shrink pores?

Do income shrink pores surgery costs are not many private hospitals: 780-1980 yuan/time; public hospitals: 780-1970 yuan/time

After a typical course of 4 to 6 times in a contracted pore surgery, all the basic facial problems of a female friend can be solved. These procedures can be applied to facial skin problems such as chloasma, red blood, acne, enlarged pores, hyperpigmentation, poor skin tone, and scarring.

Second, what equipment is needed to shrink pores?

The equipment needed to do the contraction pore surgery is as follows:

Surgical equipment: common equipment for surgery

Surgical material: black doll laser

Of course, there may be some differences in the surgical equipment used in different regions and different hospitals.

Third, the cost of shrinking pore materials is not expensive

The cost of materials for shrinking pores is not expensive, and the materials used are mainly black doll lasers.

 To do cosmetic plastic surgery, we must choose a regular plastic surgery hospital, try to choose a good material, in order to achieve the following aesthetic standards:

 Good gloss, fine texture, moisturizing, subcutaneous fat, moderate elasticity, smooth surface, no filth, spots, sputum, etc., fair complexion, reddish or slightly yellow.

 skin color, Chinese people with yellow and white red skin is beautiful, young women with white tender, rosy skin color is beautiful.

 luster, shiny skin, radiant, this is a symbol of vitality, can give people a sense of beauty.

 texture, flexible and flexible.

 delicate, the skin surface is not rough, no shrinkage, touch delicate.

 moisturizing, the skin surface formed a moderate sebum film, neither dry, not greasy.

 vitality, muscle fullness, vitality, rich facial expression.

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