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How do you shrink pores when you finish blackheads?

Method one:

 Blackheads are large, usually due to acne vulgaris. Under normal circumstances, blackhead acne, whitehead acne long-term formation or long-term existence, it will induce large pores. In the treatment, first control blackheads, whiteheads, general adapalene gel (Duffin gel), clindamycin gel, and then oral tanshinone capsules, three times a day, four times. At the same time, you can also take anti-wind Tongsheng granules, three times a day, one bag at a time. Oral anti-inflammatory and fat-removing drugs, such as Danggui Kushen Pill, can also be taken, this drug has a certain delipidation effect.

Method Two:

 Before going to blackheads, I have to make some preparations first, first open the pores to pull out the blackheads. If you have a steamed face, you can use a steamed face. If you don’t have one, you can prepare a cup. Put hot water in it, let the hot water inside out, smoke the nose. This allows the pores to open naturally, making the blackheads easier to suck out, and then preparing to go blackheads.

Method three:

 You can use the nose stick to go to the blackhead. For example, the Thai blackhead product works very well. The effect of the nasal paste is obvious. It actually pulls out the blackhead by pulling. After the blackhead is pulled out, the place where the blackhead is located must have pores. If the pores are not repaired, there will be garbage inside the air, blackheads. It is easier to form. Therefore, it is necessary to collect the pores. After the blackheads are finished, the towel can be applied to the nose with wet and cold water, and the skin on the nose can pass through. The stimulation of alternating hot and cold, the pores have a certain effect, and can also be used to converge. Water or toner to apply the nose, the effect is better is astringent water, the effect of pores is obvious.

Method four:

 After finishing the blackhead, the pores should be hydrated, the face can be shrunk with a cool towel, the mask can also shrink the pores, and the cosmetic method of shrinking the pores can be selected. Replenishing water: shrinking pores, the first step to firming the skin is to replenish the water. Doing moisturizing and hydrating work can restore the skin’s water-oil ratio and skin texture, make the skin more moisturized and reduce pores and firm skin.

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