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How do girls quickly lose weight and stomach?

Method 1: Dinner should be light, small exercise after meals

 In the same way, dinner should be eaten as little as possible and eaten lightly. Half an hour after dinner, you can do exercise, clamp the buttocks, and put the whole back on the wall. The hips, back, legs, waist, head, neck, etc. should be as close as possible to the wall. After a few minutes, the waist will be very tired and stick to it for 15 minutes. Do it once a day, and see the effect in a week, not only a thin waist, but also thin legs, neck, and face.

Method 2: Twist and lean belly

 It can be practice at noon or at night. Stand up and down and twist 100 times (similar to the twisting movement of belly dance, you should use the waist to force, not the leg or the back strength), as long as you insist on it every day, it is guaranteed!

Method three: coarse salt bath can also be thin

 The coarse salt has a sweating effect, which can remove waste and excess water from the body. Buy a few bags of coarse salt in a supermarket or grocery store. Before each bath, take a cup of coarse salt and a little hot water to make a paste, then apply it to the abdomen. After 10 minutes, rinse the coarse salt with hot water, or massage it and then wash it off, then you can start taking a bath. Or, after the shower, sprinkle a spoonful of coarse salt on the palm of your hand and massage the abdomen directly. Don’t use too much force to avoid roughening your skin.

Method 4: Massage the skinny belly every day

 This is one of the most commonly used abdominal weight loss methods. It uses sputum to promote bowel movements, reduce the intestinal absorption of nutrients, promote blood circulation, excrete metabolic waste, and improve constipation. The massage method is centered on the navel, and a question mark is placed in the abdomen. Massage along the question mark, first right side, rear left side, each massage 30-50 times, massage once a day.

Method 5: The fastest thin waist method

 Light energy rouge is a combination of plasma fiber fat-dissolving, hydrodynamic liposuction, radio frequency lipolysis, bio-lipid, etc. It can be used to target the face, jaw, arm, waist, and abdomen according to individual differences and requirements of each individual. The thigh, calf and other parts of stubborn fat accumulation. And with the advantages of painless and precise rouge, fast weight loss, and firm and smooth skin, it is loved by many beauty lovers.

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