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Going to the gym to lose weight and doing what is most effective

Aerobic exercise is very boring. Many people insist on giving up soon. You can spend a small amount of time burning a lot of calories. Of course, you choose the right aerobic device, so don’t hesitate to use your habits. Equipment, we have sorted out some better options for you.

We choose these aerobic devices to consider in three ways:

 Reduced-fat efficiency (the fastest calories burned in the shortest time, improve aerobic capacity)

 Functionality (whether or not the daily physical activity is improved)

 Degree of use (whether in most gyms)


 Unlike other aerobic devices, this makes your whole body movement, and it’s super easy to use. Just press the start button and adjust the speed and level of the button head, even if you are going on the climbing function.

 In order to maximize your time, you can unplug your headphones, turn off your TV, and do some serious training, such as running away.

Stair machine

 If you don’t like running personally, the stair machine may be an alternative. Simulating the climbing stairs, the stair machine can improve the heart rate and reach the intensity of exercise in a short time, and emphasize the activity of the muscles behind the legs and hips. It is a good way to exercise for people who have been sitting for a long time!

 Some people even make training changes on the stair plane, such as striding, sprinting, and adding HIIT elements, making stair machine training a lot more interesting. Of course, if you can develop the habit of taking more stairs and taking less elevators, it is even better!

Aerobic bicycle

 For this kind of sports equipment like “crossing” from the 80s, if we want to score the shape, we have to give an F (fail), but its energy efficiency is definitely A+ level. The more you step on it, the greater the air resistance.

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